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What Are the Benefits of Wearing Dentures?

The are many reasons why so many people opt for a denture to replace missing teeth, ranging from improved dental function and a better facial structure to a renewed sense of self-esteem. Dentures are personalized dental appliances that hold artificial teeth on either a removable frame or a more permanent dental implant. They can provide more than decade of dental health and confidence with regular care and cleaning.

Will You Be Able to Choose from a Variety of Dentures?

Absolutely, our dental practice offers a wide selection of the latest and most effective dentures in Kennesaw. Once you visit our office for a full dental examination, one of our highly-skilled dentists will discuss your options for affordable quality dentures to suit your restoration needs. The most common denture varieties are listed for you below:

Full Dentures

You would select a full denture if you needed to replace all or most of your teeth in your lower or upper jaw. Your options include a removable full denture that loosely stays on top of your gums, or a fixed full denture that gets secured in your jaw with set of dental implants. Whichever you choose, the process requires the extraction of any existing teeth and wearing a temporary denture until your gums have a chance to heal. Upon complete healing, you will return to our office for your new permanent denture.

A Partial Denture

By choosing a partial denture, you are able to keep your healthy, existing teeth while replacing the few that you’ve lost over time. This type of denture is built on a structure that looks like a bridge, but rather than being permanently bonded to the nearby teeth, it can be removed with a set of clasps that attach to the adjacent teeth for nightly cleanings.

Flexible Partial Dentures

These replace the unsightly metal clasps and hard bottom of a traditional partial denture with a gum-colored, flexible substance for additional comfort and discretion. As a result, your dentures will be barely detectable and all people will notice is your healthy, attractive smile.

All-on-Four Dentures

This denture relies on a unique dental implant method to let you get a whole new set of replacement teeth with just four dental implants put into your lower jawbone. This denture is often preferred for its stronger biting power and the ease of fixed dentures.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Just as the name suggests, this denture is firmly supported by a couple or four dental implants in your bottom jaw instead of just laying loosely on your gums like a traditional denture. This type of denture is rarely used to replace upper teeth because they don’t require the same support. Its only resemblance to a traditional denture is the need for nightly removal and cleaning.

Does It Take a Long Time to Get a Denture?

Not at all since there are only a few steps required to craft and place your denture. These steps can change a little depending on the denture you choose and the health of your teeth and gums. Generally, your dentist will begin by taking an impression of your teeth, along with oral measurements, to ensure a proper denture fit. Next, any damaged or diseased teeth are taken out and a temporary denture is supplied for you to wear until your permanent denture is ready. If you get an implant-supported denture instead, your dental implants will be embedded at this point.

As soon as your permanent denture is prepared, you will come back and see our dentist for a denture fitting and adjustments.

Can You Get Affordable Quality Dentures If Costs Are a Concern?

No need to worry about what dentures cost because you can depend on our dentists to help you find a denture that fits your financial and dental needs. The total cost of your denture will depend on the kind you select and whether you need any preparation, but our dentists will work with you to recommend the ideal options. Please call our practice today to arrange for a personal consultation with one of our experienced dentists.

Why Do Some People Prefer a Soft Reline for Dentures?

If you don’t want the dental pain and soreness of the typical hard, acrylic lining of a denture, you can choose a soft denture reline, which is crafted from a bendable, softer substance for maximum oral comfort.

Dentures can provide the dental freedom, function, and confidence you’ve lost from living with missing teeth. Call our trusted dental practice to reclaim your smile today.

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Exceptional service. Everyone is very professional and focused on their particular jobs. Office & rooms always very clean.
Patricia W.
I rarely go to the dentist because I can not stand all the drilling and noise that reverberates in my head. Recently a tooth that has been bad for many years decides to ache!! Had to have it […]
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Friendly caring gentle makes going to the dentist not intimidating
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Professional office. Hygienist always gives tips and pointers on how to keep teeth clean between visits.
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Competent and pleasant staff makes going to the dentist a piece of cake.
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Friendly staff, excellent service. minimal wait time, appointment availability
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Great services and less painful experience than I normal have. Front teeth work is not pleasant but it was bearable thanks to Dr. Gessling.
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This offers a very good service. They have a very good dentist on board, and an excellent hygienist as well (Jessica).
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They have a great staff and it is nice to come in and everyone knows you by name.
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Awsome staff, great place to go for all your dental needs.
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Friendly staff, little to no wait time past scheduled appt time
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professionalism and cleaniess
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Concern, friendliness, professionalism and knowledge
Dianne B.
This is a great facility for the family, both adults and children (5 YO). No tears! The staff is very friendly. Will definitely return.
Mindy A.
The staff was very attentive to me.. Making sure that I was comfortable and ok at all times..
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Very friendly and helpful staff. My experience with deep cleaning and fillings was as pleasant as it could possibly be. Thank you for taking such great care of me!
Lael C.
They are so sweet and professional
Naima M.
This is awesome! The staff is amazing and very helpful! I have recommended them to several others who have also had excellent experiences.
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I love this dentist office. Nice friendly caring staff.
I love my dental hygienist she was patient and explained everything. The Dr was great too.
Mary R.
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